United we care

CNA President Zenei Triunfo-Cortez, RN and her sister take part in a CalCare day of action.
CalCare supporters project a critical message in Sacramento.
  • Send over 3 million texts to California voters about CalCare across our 33 key districts
  • Make 44,000 calls to CalCare supporters across the state
  • Send 12,000 handwritten postcards to voters in key districts
  • Send 300,000 texts to monolingual Spanish speakers about CalCare
  • Show up consistently to the governor’s Healthy California for All Commission meetings and make hundreds of public comments
  • Hold virtual legislative visits with dozens of Assemblymembers
  • Pass city council resolutions in at least 28 cities
  • Organize three rounds of car caravans and car rallies in cities all across the state
How to hold an action in a pandemic: Get creative!



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Bonnie Castillo

Bonnie Castillo

Union Nurse Leader & Medicare For All Activist. Executive Director of @NationalNurses, the Largest U.S. Organization of Registered Nurses. #TIME100